Bird's beak at SpringtownOne of our rarest and most unusual plants of the East Bay is just starting to come into flower at Livermore’s Springtown Alkali Preserve. Palmate-bracted birds beak, Cordylanthus palmatus, is an alkaline soil endemic that is known from only about 7 locations in all of California. This plant is listed as federally endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is considered to the one of the conservation targets for the Eastern Alameda County Conservation Strategy.
BMX damage at Springtown Preserve

Even as we write this post, the Springtown Alkali Preserve is being heavily impacted by illegal activities. Notably, dirt bikers (or BMX riders) have taken a “non-biological” liking to the Preserve, and are building a bike course there that involves heavy grading activities. Please help us by contacting the City of Livermore and letting them know this is not acceptable for a Preserve. EBCNPS has been working closely with Friends of Springtown Preserve to inform and educate the local public about this site, as well as provide information and input to the City who is supposed to be “managing” this site. Visit the Friends site here.