The East Bay CNPS board of directors affirmed decisively that it finds the DEIR/EIS for the Pt. Molate Casino inadequate.  Given the degree of impact to upland habitat and eelgrass beds, the fact that Pt. Molate contains unique resources along the Richmond bay shoreline, and the unsecured “promises/mitigations” made by the developer, we believe the project analysis is short-sighted and rests upon many assumptions that cannot be verified until a future date.  We believe the City of Richmond, its residents, and the regional community will be exposed to potential losses of habitat, wildlife, flora, and capital; these risks are not clearly stated in the EIR/EIS.

Some of the many potential issues include:

  • Transfer of the land to the developer once the environmental review is completed (City of Richmond loses its title immediately).
  • Inadequate biological surveys for plants and birds known from the area.
  • Incomplete survey of the extent of eelgrass beds and effects on public resources of the Bay region.
  • Spill-over of impacts to surrounding area – effect of 24-hour lighting and noise, pollution, increased traffic, increased crime impacts on the natural and human communities.
  • Inadequate mitigation – no “in-kind” mitigation for loss of coastal prairie, coastal strand, and other sensitive plant communities.
  • Increased risk of fire with the Chevron refinery adjacent to the proposed land.
  • Many financial promises to City and other “beneficiaries” are only delivered when casino becomes profitable.
  • Developer may not secure financing to complete entire project thus potentially leaving an “unfinished” project with compromises.  No requirement of transparency in financial records of Upstream, LLC.
  • US Senators Letter Against Off-Reservation Gaming

We ask for you to come out to the public meeting on September 17th at 6pm and voice your concern about the analysis of this project and it’s purported “benefits” to Richmond.

ADDRESS: 403 Civic Center Library, Richmond CA 94804

Written comments are also a powerful way to enter your disapproval into the public record.  {NOTE: COMMENT PERIOD NOW EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 23, 2009}  Letters should be sent to:

  • City of Richmond
  • City Manager’s Office
  • 450 Civic Center Plaza
  • Richmond, CA 94804
  • (510) 620-6512
  • Email City Manager Bill Lindsay –