In a letter dated October 12, 2009, California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger’s Office of Legal Affairs stated they “express opposition to this land acquisition” because it would “violate the State’s public policy and the California electorate’s good faith, and would subvert the notions of cooperative federalism that lie at the heart of the IGRA.”

We respect the Governor’s efforts to uphold state laws and democratic decisions.  Our laws and good will are what help protect our resources and our culture.  We can only hope that the Richmond City Council and the Bureau of Indian Affairs would have a similar belief in supporting a democratic decree, rather than a proposal driven by an adhoc developer with purely financial motivations.

Governor’s Letter Opposing Pt Molate Casino Proposal

Pt Molate  by John Curley

Pt Molate by John Curley

Bay Nature article on the resources at Pt. Molate