EBCNPS has been working on understanding and analyzing the Fuels and Habitat management plan with the Park District, as well as a group of interested individuals.  One of our main goals is to understand how the implementation of this plan will effect the environment, and the Parks as we’ve come to know and love them.  We argue that certain plan elements need to be amended, such as, the “fire” road up Claremont Canyon, habitat conversion of Northern Coastal Scrub to weedy grassland, and monitoring techniques for changes in vegetation.

The plan and the DEIR are large documents.  Even with the 30 day extension, EBCNPS was not able to digest all elements of the plan.  We hope we have covered the most important elements.

We present our findings about this plan in the followingletter: EBCNPS comments on VMP and DEIR.

Coast Live Oak Woodland of the East Bay Hills - Lech Naumovich