California Tiger Salamander (Gerald and Buff Corsi © 1999 California Academy of Sciences)

California Tiger Salamander (Gerald and Buff Corsi © 1999 California Academy of Sciences)

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has issued their list of species undergoing the required 5-year review process. This process asks the Service to review current information on the listed species and then decide whether the listing status for a given taxon should be amended.

This year USFWS is reviewing 10 species that are the responsibility of the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office. None of the plants fall within the East Bay area, so we will not be commenting in this year. A Federal Register notice published on May 21, 2010 is intended to alert the public to the reviews under way and request all relevant information from the public. Other offices are responsible to review 24 other species that occur in California and Nevada. The full Federal Register notice can be found at: To give us adequate time to conduct the review, the comment period closes on July 20, 2010.

Although no plant species will need a direct response from our chapter, all of the listed fauna are important conservation targets.  The California Tiger Salamander is one such taxon that helps protect vernal pool and vernal swale habitat by acting as an umbrella for rare flora.  If anyone has information on the distribution and health of any of the listed species, they are encouraged to write into the Service during the comment period.

Please send comment information to: Field Supervisor, Attention: 5-Year Review, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office, 2800 Cottage Way, Room W-2605, Sacramento, CA 95825. Information may also be submitted electronically at: . To obtain further information, contact Kirsten Tarp at the Sacramento office at (916) 414-6600.