Wildflower field - serpentine grasslands of Coyote Ridge

Here’s a message from Tara Hansen, Executive Director of CNPS, about ACR 173.

Hi Everyone –

Some exciting news! We got word earlier today that our bill (ACR 173 – Native Plant Week) passed the Assembly today! It was a voice vote with no debate.

From here, the bill goes to Senate Rules, where it may or may not be assigned to a committee. If not assigned to a committee (likely not) it will go straight to the Senate floor.

Many thanks to Vern Goehring and Joshua Stark for working closely with Assemblywoman Evans and her staff to move this bill forward. Also thanks to our volunteers around the Society (particularly on the Horticulture Committee) who have either provided support or helped provide information needed to address questions that have come up about some of the language in the bill. It’s looking good so far!

Tara Hansen