Although the appeal letter for funding East Bay CNPS’ Conservation Analyst position in 2010-2011 was mailed only less than a week ago, and already 30 committed members have answered the call and sent in donations.  These donations total almost $6,000 of the $35,000 goal.

Many of the donations are from conservation supporters who do not often attend meetings, but they obviously share an interest in protecting the East Bay’s native plants and vegetation.  We are inspired by the generosity of our members in times like these.

We hope this response will inspire more supporters to donate, even a small sum.  We are striving to get a 100% response rate for this appeal, be it a $2 donation, or 2 months of salary.  Every additional check that arrives to our mailbox is another vote of affirmation for our work.

Thank you all for making this program not only a possibility, but a success.


Laura Baker and Lech Naumovich