EBCNPS has been involved and interested in the Bay Area Open Space Council’s Upland Habitat Goals Project since its inception nearly 3 years ago. Since EBCNPS occupies both a seat on the Steering Committee and the Vegetation Focus Team (Lech Naumovich), we have invested great time and energy into helping the council create an accurate and usable product.

This past Friday, all of the Focus Teams were brought together under one roof in order to view and respond to the background information in the Upland Habitat Goals Project.  This meeting was one of the final presentations of data before a draft document will be released to peer reviewers.  EBCNPS was encouraged to see that the document covered rare plants and vegetation, while also considering larger landscape phenomenon (that affect plant conservation) like nitrogen deposition and corridors.

One of the most exciting and user-friendly aspects of the project is the launch of an online tool that will be able to access the UHG data and provide information on the web to all interested parties.  Here’s the page where that trial online tool should launch shortly.

Here’s what the tool would look like:

Another exciting aspect of this project is that the lead team has asked to include the Botanical Priority Protection Areas as a layer on the online tool. This would mean that if an interested party was researching a “potential conservation area”, the report would readout “EBCNPS Botanical Priority Protection Area” if the polygon of interest overlapped with a BPPA polygon.

Our East Bay BPPA Guidebook was briefly presented at the end of this meeting and the response was warm and interested – much like the day before’s presentation at the Bay Area Open Space Council’s General Meeting.  There, Heath Bartosh and Lech Naumovich presented the book in a slideshow “teaser” to about 60 members of the Open Space Council.

We’ll keep you tuned in on the UHG project which has seemingly exceeded all expectations to date.