Scenic Niles Canyon by Jun Seita

Scenic Niles Canyon by Jun Seita

EBCNPS has responded to CalTrans’ project entitled the Niles Canyon Safety Improvement Project.  This project looks to “improve” safety conditions along State Route 84, a.k.a. Niles Canyon Road.  We’re not convinced that the analysis presented clearly shows an “improved roadway”. In fact, the only thing we can tell for sure is that the project will impact the ecological resources of the canyon, and it may make the actually make road conditions worse.  439 trees, many mature, will be impacted for this road widening exercise.

We feel that current project review is inadequate and fails to properly present impacts and mitigation for this project. We are requesting at minimum that an EIS is issued for this project, and that the DEIR is recirculated. We hope CalTrans will reconsider pursuing this project due to its notable impact on our natural environmental while providing little perceived benefit to the population.

Here are EBCNPS comments on Niles Canyon Improvement DEIR-EA

Also, we’re not alone!  The mayor of Fremont has spoken out against the project here.  We expect other organizations will also speak up about the insufficient project analysis.

Please send in your analysis about the project to CalTrans project manager by October 7th.  Your letters DO make a difference since “controversy” is one metric by which the lead agency (CalTrans) determines whether they need to complete a full EIS, not just an exploratory EA.

A passenger train on the Niles Canyon Railway.

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