The public draft of EACCS plan was released in early September, 2010. EBCNPS has been intimately involved in this planning process with support from the Rare Plant Committee and Conservation Committee members.


Looking northward from Springtown


Although we still believe the plan lacks some critical elements, we believe that the Steering Committee has produced a workable first draft that can help instruct subsequent iterations of the project.

Our concern about reserve design and landscape planning still seems disregarded in this process and we are working with the Steering Committee on ways in which a “conservation and mitigation plan” could indicate specific “high priority” areas so that mitigation doesn’t occur aimlessly over a 270,000 acre landscape.

Here are our EACCS comments on public draft. Final comments are due by Monday Oct 18th, 5pm to:

Mary Lim
Zone 7 Water Agency
100 North Canyons Parkway
Livermore, CA 94551
Desert olive scrub at Carnegie OHV expansion area

Desert olive scrub at Carnegie OHV expansion area