Flying over East Bay Hills by Tom Kelly

Flying over East Bay Hills by Tom Kelly


EBCNPS has a long history of analyzing vegetation with respect to fire risk in the East Bay Hills.  We have worked with numerous public agencies and non-profits on better understanding how vegetation may impact fire behavior, and particularly what affect vegetation management may have on the flora of the East Bay Hills.

FEMA is a major funder of fuels reduction projects.  In this case, FEMA is analyzing impacts of funding fuels management in the East Bay Hills.  The public was invited to two comment sessions which were well attended by potential grantees, but short on analytic information about the actual projects.  EBCNPS certainly supports fire safe landscapes, but we want to ensure that “vegetation management” is done carefully and with an eye on what happens to the treated landscape over the next 10 to 20 years.

FEMA Hazardous Fire Risk NOP comments from EBCNPS

More public comment can be found here from a FEMA “document” clearinghouse.