It was truly a historic November 2nd in Richmond.  Both Measure U was defeated and the City Council is now packed with a majority of progressives. The Casino vote has tipped against the developer and for a better planning effort at Point Molate.  This is truly exciting and testament to the fact that there is a strong grassroots group who cares about creating a better Richmond!

Also, Measure W failed in San Ramon, which keeps Tassajara Valley as open space!

The details:

Measure U   NO: 57.5%   YES: 42.5%
Measure W   NO: 71.9 %   YES: 28.1%

Richmond MayorGayle McLaughlin: 40.5%                                             Bates: 36.6%    John Z: 22.9%

Richmond Council Winners: Rodgers (pro-casino): 14.3%    Booze (anti-casino): 14.8%   Beckles (anti-casino): 13.22% – These new additions (with re-election of Mayor McLaughlin) now provide a 5-2 vote against the casino!

Great work everyone!!!

Here’s a link to the Contra Costa Times article on the defeat of Measure U.

CCTimes article on Measure W.