On Tuesday, December 7th, the outcome of a Upstream funded “Point Molate Alternatives” study was presented to the City Council.  This study was intended to determine if there were viable project alternatives that were not considered in the initial Point Molate Casino/Resort EIR.  The original document vetted a total of 6 alternatives including 3 with a casino, 1 mixed use plan, 1 total parkland plan, and a no project alternative.

Four final submissions (out of 28) were determined to be appropriate for EIR analysis.  These alternatives were considered to be in compliance with the existing reuse plan, open space regulations, and provide an economic engine for the City of Richmond.  Here are the final four alternatives.

1. Cannabis production facility

2. Research park

3. Green, mixed-use development

4. Private wildlife park

In the end, the City Council voted not to include these alternatives in the environmental review process, which would have delayed this developer-driven process even longer.  Instead, they asked that the project move forward with the FEIR as planned.

At this point, we believe that delay would be to the benefit of Upstream.  The reason is that Upstream probably faces an enormous economic headwall with the current conditions, and it is difficult to imagine that Upstream will be able to realize the development of this project.  The City of Richmond needs to continue to inquire whether Upstream has secured the promised funding for the project.   Upstream has promised that financing is in place, although they previously failed to name their fiscal sponsor publicly.

The fastest way to start anew would be to have this current process run its course and then it could be buried.  A swift finish to the fatally flawed Point Molate EIR process is what needs to happen now so that an authentic and honest process can be initiated.  We believe councilmember Butt agrees.  His editorial is reproduced below.

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