Christmas Berry - Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) from Wikipedia

As 2010 draws to a close, many conservation victories come to mind.  It was truly a wonderful year with enormous participation from volunteers of the East Bay Chapter.

Many of the successes are more discreet – building relationships, getting invited to the table, outreach to new conservation volunteers.   These treasured successes are well understood by those intimate with the conservation program.  Hard work often isn’t crowned with an award, but rather a firm handshake that says “thank you for your time.”

Some of the banner successes include:

1) publication of the Guidebook to the Botanical Protection Areas of the East Bay,

2) Point Molate casino proposal (Measure U) was defeated by 59% of Richmond voters,

3) East Bay Regional Park District continues to celebrate native plant restoration at the Serpentine Prairie by removing invasive trees and shrubs in occupied Presidio Clarkia habitat,

4) East Alameda County Conservation Strategy accepts EBCNPS “Core Plant Protection Areas” and includes our work in a larger blueprint for conservation,

5) EBCNPS Conservation Program wins award from CNPS Board of Directors (actually this was in December of 2009, but close enough!),

6) CNPS initiates the 2012 Conservation Conference planning, making this celebration of conservation a regular event,

and many more…

Thank you for support of the Conservation Analyst Program and all the volunteer support that goes into making EBCNPS a world-class conservation group.

Snow on Mount Diablo - photo by OutdoorPDK on Flickr