4 CNPS botanists exploring Cowell Ranch in 2007

In order to start off 2011 on a positive note, I’d like to post our most recent letter to the California State Parks.  This letter “closes the loop” on a field which occurred in 2007, wherein CNPS botanists were invited to view the new acquisition and provide feedback on future planning efforts at Cowell.

EBCNPS is committed to helping protect native plant resources this comment letter exemplifies the work of a few volunteers (staff helped combine comments) working towards that goal.  In the below letter on the General Plan for Cowell Ranch, EBCNPS has asked State Parks to consider relocating impacts (facilities) away from significant native plant resources.  We do not believe that the plans for campgrounds and recreation areas should be located close to rare alkaline vegetation and populations of rare native plants that localized to this unique botanical area.

Additionally, we offer some additional text on policies, invasive plants, locally rare plants, and wetlands, among other topics.  We hope that our comments will help create a General Plan that will help provide valuable habitat for our flora and fauna, as well as meet the recreation needs of the public.

Here are EBCNPS comments on the Cowell Ranch General Plan and DEIR

Chris Thayer posing next to a "trellised" iodine bush found at Cowell Ranch