marsh grindelia opening

The EBCNPS Conservation Committee will be kicking off 2011 with a formal conservation committee meeting at 7pm on Jan 25th @ Laura Baker’s home [79 Roble – Oakland].  We invite all current members of the conservation committee and general CNPS membership who may be interested in becoming more active with conservation to attend as we discuss some of our current conservation challenges and plan for the next year or so.  We will have our EBCNPS Guidebook to Botanical Priority Protection Areas of the East Bay on display so that you can view the published 11×17″ full-color book in all its glory.

Our agenda will include: Point Molate, Cowell Ranch Historic Park General Plan, the Pinole Valley Mitigation Bank, Vasco Winds DEIR, and Planning for conservation in the Tassajara area (San Ramon) – as well as strategic planning for the EBCNPS conservation program.

Conservation Analyst Appeal

We will also discuss the current Conservation Analyst appeal at the Conscom meeting, which has now eclipsed $28,000, which leaves us only $7,000 short of our goal!  This year’s donations have rained in from many members and we hope that those out there who haven’t yet donated would consider donating even $20 to the CA fund!  Every dollar counts!