In the quiet confines of Southeastern Contra Costa county lies a seemingly endless expanse of rolling hills filled with California annual grassland vegetation.  In some of these valleys, alkaline soils have formed over hundreds of thousands of years, providing habitat for rare California flora. One such known repository of alkaline grassland is along Kellogg creek.

The creek drainage and habitat around it is currently a wind farm, which is planned to be “upgraded” with larger turbines in the near future.  EBCNPS provided the following comment letter on the Vasco Winds DEIR, hoping that the alkaline values of this site can be better protected with this “repowering” process.  EBCNPS also notes that this falls within the Byron Botanical Priority Protection Area, insert shown below.  Although we believe that this habitat contains more rare plants than currently recorded, the project failed to conduct a focused survey for rare plants (as well as locally rare flora) which we believe makes the EIR incomplete and out of compliance with CEQA. EBCNPS is also concerned with how this will affect the ongoing Altamont Wind Power Resource Area HCP, as well as the approved Eastern Contra Costa HCP-NCCP.


The DEIR should be posted by the County here. [Caution this is a large PDF file and may take a while (2-3 minutes) to load.]