The open hills of Tassajara Valley, as seen from Hidden Valley Open Space. Photo by George Phillips/Save Mount Diablo.

Contra Costa County recently received an application for development of 771 acres in the Tassajara Vallley, east of the city of San Ramon and the Town of Danville.  The Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development will be the lead agency on this project and has begun preparation of an EIR.

EBCNPS will be following this project closely as the planning process begins.  The project will impact a section of our Tassajara Valley BPPA, and has potential for major impacts due to the intensive development planned, including new water and sewage facilities (currently, none exist at project site).  Adding to our concern is that the project applicant, FT Land, LLC is requesting that Contra Costa County revise their General Plan in order to change the project site’s designation from “Agricultural Lands” to “Rural Mixed Use” thereby allowing for development in an area that is currently zoned to limit projects such as these.  As it stands, the proposed project site is outside of the County’s Urban Limit Line and if this project is allowed to go through, it will set a growth inducing precedent which has potential to threaten the entire valley.  Save Mt. Diablo and the Greenbelt Alliance have already come out against the project and are working with an attorney from Shute Mihaly and Weinberger to craft their opposition strategy.

EBCNPS submitted oral comments at the May 16th scoping meeting and will be submitting written comments as well.  A copy of the oral comment can be found here:  Scoping Meeting Comment 5_16_11

For more information on the scope and project description, Contra Costa County’s website for the project is HERE.

We will continue to update this blog with project information as it becomes available.