Change Area 12 “Northshore”

Tonight On July 5th the Richmond City Council will meet to hear comment and provide direction to city staff regarding “Change Area 12” of the City’s Draft General Plan.  This area encompasses Richmond’s North Shoreline area which consists of mostly undeveloped land and provides habitat for several unique natural communities including the largest remaining eelgrass bed in the San Francisco Bay, and coastal prairie grassland.  The area consists of 500 acres of tidal marshes, 800 acres of mudflats, and several estuaries of local creeks.  The current Draft General Plan has zoned this area as “open space” thereby preserving these unique natural resources for the citizens of Richmond, but several land-owners in the area are concerned that such a designation will cause their land to be devalued.  EBCNPS, Citizens for East Shore Parks, and the Sierra Club are arguing that this privately held land did not have much development potential to begin with due to the lack of infrastructure such as roads and utilities in the area.  Also, the fact that the land owners have not yet developed their parcels, despite the fact that since 1994, it has been zoned for “Heavy Industry” and “Industrial Office/Flex” raises questions about the development potential of the land.  If you have time, come out and show your support for the Richmond Shoreline!

A copy of our letter to the city council can be found here:   North_Shoreline_Letter_to_City_Council

EDIT:  The Richmond City Council has postponed this topic until July 5th.  We will keep you updated with any new developments as the date approaches.