The City of Richmond recently released the final draft of their new General Plan Update, including their responses to public comments received during the scoping and planning phases of the plan.  In response to EBCNPS’s comments, Richmond has added EBCNPS listed locally rare plant species as well as sensitive natural communities into their General Plan to be considered as priorities for future protection.  These changes to the general plan represent a great step for the City that will allow both the City and conservation interests alike to strengthen their efforts to preserve unique native plant resources in the area.  This step is especially important considering the potential conservation challenges at Pt. Molate and UC Berkeley Field Station in the near future.  Hopefully this general plan will serve as an example, encouraging other cities and counties of the East Bay to prioritize protection of their native plant resources as well.


You can view Richmond’s response to our letters HERE.

Richmond’s entire General Plan Update and accompanying FEIR can be viewed HERE.