At the November 10th meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors Transportation and Planning Committee, county planners gave a presentation of their updated staff report regarding their forthcoming solar policy strategies for rural areas of the county.  At this meeting, the planners came back with a much more detailed plan than last time (October 3rd meeting, see blog post dated Oct. 12th) that not only addressed the need for distributed generation in urban areas, but also called for a general plan amendment which means an accompanying EIR will have to be carried out to address this change in policy.  The planners are recommending that the general plan amendment process begin and that in the meantime, rural SEF (Solar Energy Facility) applications that are inconsistent with existing policies such as the ECAP and Williamson Act be denied.  So overall, good news for our solar coalition!  Our coalition will continue following this and reaching out to organizations for support and to strengthen our message as the next step of this planning process begins.  Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

To review, a copy of the SOLAR (Save Our Land, Agricultural and Raptors) Coalition’s list of guiding principles can be found here:  SOLAR Statement of Principles .