EBCNPS has been following the City of Richmond’s work on their new general plan since early summer.  On Tuesday (1/10), the City Council will finally decide whether to zone the North Shoreline area of the city for open space or for continued industrial use.

EBCNPS will be at this meeting to recommend that the council follow staff and the Planning Commission’s recommendation to zone this area for open space.

Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP) has published this great list of arguments in favor of the open space designation:

  • The people of Richmond have strongly supported leaving this area as a natural space with limited development.
  • As we face climate change, the shoreline will serve as a natural buffer zone for sea level rise and should be protected for the safety and benefit of all Richmond residents.
  • Upzoning this area for more intense development for the benefit of land investors will diminish this buffer protection and lead to further degradation of vital natural habitat.
  • It is imperative that any zoning ordinances, written to guide future development, take into consideration the implications of sea level rise.
  • Upzoning this area will not help Richmond meet its goals of infill development in areas that already have infrastructure and transportation options.

We hope to see you there.  This is a great opportunity for the City of Richmond to finalize what EBCNPS believes is a great general plan that will ensure preservation of the unique natural resources and wildlife habitat along the Richmond Shoreline.

Meeting info:

Richmond General Plan – 

North Shoreline Land Use Decisions – City Council Meeting

January 10, 2012 at 6:30pm  

City Council Chambers – Civic Center Campus
440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond


Unfortunately, the Council was unable to come to a decision at this meeting.  The issue will be sent back to the Planning Commission in the hopes that the Planning Department will have more time to add development standards to the proposed zoning options (Open Space/ Recreation; Business/ Light Industrial; “Limited” Business/ Light Industrial).   EBCNPS will continue working to ensure the unique habitat values of the North Shoreline are spoken for as this process continues.