On Monday, January 23rd, EBCNPS submitted comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration for a proposed mitigation project in the Springtown Alkali Sink Preserve in Livermore.  The proposed project involved creating new wetland habitat in a disturbed section of the preserve as mitigation for a car dealership development.  EBCNPS commented on the importance of minimizing invasive weed spread through the sensitive habitat of the preserve due to machinery and worker movement to and from the project site.  We also recommended that complete biological surveys for rare plants such as Palmate bracted bird’s-beak (Cordylanthus palmatus) which is state and federally endangered, and Livermore tarplant (Deinandra bacigalupii) which isCPS list 1B (highly endangered) be carried out during the appropriate season to establish a project baseline.  Our complete comments can be found here:  EBCNPS comments for Springtown Alkali Sink MND .  The original Mitigated Negative Declaration for this project can be found here:  Springtown IS-MND .

We are hopeful that our comments will be taken into consideration and that this project will result in a net benefit to the sensitive and valuable habitat at Springtown Preserve.