Oak- Grassland Interface at Knowland Park. photo: Mack Casterman

Dear Knowland Park Supporters,
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, a project of the Knowland Park Coalition! The Coalition includes Friends of Knowland Park, the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, the California Native Grasslands Association, California Wildlife Foundation/California Oaks, and Defense of Place. We hope you will take a moment right now to go explore the site www.saveknowland.org and sign up for notifications of new content. Even we, who have spent so many hours exploring the park and working to protect it over the last four-plus years, have learned amazing new things about the park from working with our Coalition partners—check it out!

The new website aims to educate the public about Knowland Park and the campaign to protect its rare, beautiful natural resources from being lost to the “conservation”-themed Oakland Zoo expansion into the park. Enjoy the photographs of the Park’s wildflowers and other native plants, its birds and animals, its views and vistas.

Learn about the history of Knowland Park, the threat to its preservation, and the campaign to protect it. Find out how to access its trails. Our blog will be published twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at other intervals as new events happen or new information becomes available.

Please go to www.saveknowland.org now and sign up to get updates from the Coalition! This site will help us be more efficient in our communications and widen our reach. And tell us what you think! This has been a true labor of love, with literally thousands of volunteer hours devoted to making a website that will do justice to the Park’s true value.

Ways you can help:
  1. See how to Take Action at  http://www.saveknowland.org/the-campaign/act/  and find out how to help protect Knowland Park
  2. Subscribe  to the blog at  http://bit.ly/Atv6B5  to get regular email updates on new blog posts and updates on our campaign
  3. Follow us on social media!
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  • Comment on our blog posts at  http://www.saveknowland.org/blog/  and share our site with your network.
  • Contact us directly to get more involved at   http://www.saveknowland.org/contact/

  • Thank you so much for your help and interest in redefining conservation in the 21st Century, and for your ongoing support for our Park!
    The Friends of Knowland Park Leadership Team