The below message comes from State Conservation Director Greg Suba:


Hello All,

The bad solar bill, AB 1073, passed through the Assembly 56-10 yesterday. The Calico Solar project will now go back to the CEC where it’s final approval will be a formality. All legal challenges to a CEC final decision go directly to the State Supreme Court. To date, the CA Supreme Court has never chosen to hear a CEC suit – including an earlier suit on this very project.


Thank you to all across the state who emailed or called your Assembly member asking to stop the bill. Also many thanks to those of you who posted the alert information on your Chapter websites or email broadcast the alert to your members. This is one positive thing to have come of our efforts over the past 24 hours – that our CNPS Chapters can marshal together rapid responses when called upon to do so.


Below are some notes regarding the roll call of the final Assembly vote:

The 10 who voted no: Ammiano, Butler, Chesbro; Feuer, Galgiani, Hill, Huffman, Monning, Nielsen, and Yamada

Dems that were there but not voting:  Atkins, Beall, Blumenfield, Brownley, Lowenthal, Mitchell, and Skinner,

Members that we had hoped to vote No that voted Yes:  Allen, Davis, Dickinson, Fong, Gatto, Gordon, Ma; Wieckowski. Speaker Perez also voted Yes.

Disappointingly, both Dickinson and Gatto spoke in support of the bill. Only Chesbro spoke in opposition.


Thank you all again for your efforts!



This is a tough loss, but thank you to everyone who responded to our call for action.  If you wish to, it would be appropriate to contact your Assembly Representative and either:

1.) Thank them for voting no or…

2.)  Express extreme disappointment with those who voted yes or declined to vote