Tesla Park

Mitchell Ravine at Tesla Park


Visit the Friends of Tesla Park web site, http://www.teslapark.org/?page_id=8 to learn more about the Friends’ efforts to prevent destruction of 3,400 acres of eastern Alameda County native habitat values, and to get involved.

As a Friend, http://www.teslapark.org/?page_id=652, EBCNPS supports establishing Tesla Park as a non-motorized low impact historic and natural resource park and preserve.

Also visit the State Parks web site announcing the first public meeting regarding development of the General Plan and EIR Scoping public workshop for the expansion of Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area, http://www.carnegiegeneralplan.com/.

Please let us know if you are interested in supporting EBCNPS’s efforts towards this objective.

Contact conservation@ebcnps.org and/or grasslands@ebcnps.org


To learn more about EBCNPS’s Corral Hollow Botanical Priority Protection Area (BPPA), please download and view our BPPA Guidebook online:  Download Link   The Corral Hollow page is # (pp. 11-12 of the book; pp 14-15 of the pdf file).