Alameda-Tesla Property with Mt. Diablo in the distance

Today, EBCNPS submitted comments regarding the Notice of Preparation and Scoping of an Environmental Impact Report for the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area General Plan and EIR.   EBCNPS is working to ensure that 3,400 acres of our Corral Hollow Botanical Priority Protection Area remain protected as the State Off Highway Motor Vehicle Division works on an expansion plan for the Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area east of Livermore.  To get more info about this project and about the “Alameda-Tesla” property that we are working to protect, please check the blog post from May 14th HERE.

Our comment letter can be viewed here: EBCNPS comments for NOP 06_11_12 FINAL

Contrast the above image of the Alameda-Tesla property with this image of the existing off road vehicle damage at the Carnegie Off Road Vehicle Area. We are working to prevent similar damage to the Alameda-Tesla site.