Oak-Grassland Interface at Knowland Park photo: Mack Casterman

Thanks to the tremendous effort put forth by so many people, the zoo’s million-dollar campaign did not succeed – just as we hoped, the public sorted this one out for themselves after they read the measure and realized they weren’t being told the full story by Measure A1 proponents. The California Native Plant Society’s East Bay Chapter thanks all of the people who read Measure A1 and chose to vote in favor of transparency, good government, and the protection of public parkland. Also, we would like to thank the media outlets that were courageous enough to ask the hard questions and inform the voting public about the issues with this measure.

Of course, we could not have done this without the wonderful volunteers who contributed their valuable time and energy day after day to get the word out about this measure. This campaign has been a true grassroots effort and our success proves that people can truly still make a difference by acting locally and spreading the word.

And it’s clear that it wasn’t just general anti-tax sentiment that accounted for our success: Not only did Proposition 30 pass, but as of now, more than 21,000 MORE people voted “No” on Measure A1 than voted “No” on Measure B1, the transportation tax measure. Were it simply anti-tax sentiment, one would expect those two to be very close. So Thanks to All of You for everything you did to spread the word!

The defeat of Measure A1 is a resounding call from voters, not just in Oakland, but throughout the County, that Knowland Park is valuable and deserves to be protected. The success of our campaign has put Knowland Park on the map, and in doing so, has brought us one step closer to gaining permanent protection for the Park and the plants and animals that call it home.

There is still much work to do. The Zoo’s proposed expansion project is still on the books, and even though they do not yet have the necessary permits or money, the park remains unprotected. Let’s use this momentum to continue to build support for getting permanent protection for this special public wildland area.

– EBCNPS was joined by The California Grasslands Association, The Alameda Creek Alliance, The Resource Renewal Institute’s Defense of Place, Friends of Knowland Park, and The Ohlone Audubon Society in opposing Measure A1

To read more about this victory and about Knowland Park, please visit: http://www.saveknowland.org/