Oak-Grassland Interface at Knowland Park  photo: Mack Casterman

Upper Knowland Park – site of the proposed zoo expansion photo: Mack Casterman

On April 2, EBCNPS submitted this letter: [ EBCNPS Letter to USACE 4_02_13 ] to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the recently prepared revised Biological Assessment for the Oakland Zoo’s expansion project into Knowland Park. We received the Biological Assessment from a Public Records Act request and were frustrated (but not surprised) to find that the Zoo had once again failed to identify the rare Maritime Chaparral plant community that will be impacted due to their proposed visitor center and gondola. This blatant mischaracterization of their project site comes even after a letter from the CDFW identifying the chaparral at Knowland Park as Maritime Chaparral and a site visit where CDFW biologists directly told Zoo executives and contract-biologists that the chaparral did indeed represent a rare plant community. We are hopeful that CDFW will require an accurate Biological Assessment of the project site before this process is allowed to move forward.

Also attached are the documents referred to in our above letter: CDFG_Letter_to_Joel_Parrott_5_2_12 ; VegMou_11.07.01; briefingMOU;