FEMA EIS Project Area

FEMA EIS Project Area

On June 17, 2013, EBCNPS submitted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for FEMA’s East Bay Hills hazardous fire risk reduction project.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), City of Oakland, and the EBRPD are all responsible for management of forested public lands in the East Bay. These agencies have submitted grant applications for fire risk reduction projects to FEMA via the California Emergency Management Agency. In order to evaluate these applications, FEMA has prepared a draft EIS. This draft EIS evaluates the potential environmental effects that could occur if these projects that are intended to reduce wildfire hazard and risk are implemented. For more information about this project, please visit FEMA’s project website: http://ebheis.cdmims.com/Home.aspx .

EBCNPS published a public response for this planning process several weeks ago on this blog. It can be viewed here: https://ebcnps.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/public-response-from-ebcnps-regarding-fema-fuels-management-eis/

EBCNPS’s DEIS comment letter can be viewed here: 2013 EBCNPS Comment for FEMA DEIS

We are looking forward to following this process and its accompanying projects in the hopes that the final plan will help keep residents of the Oakland Hills safe and increase native habitat values in our public lands.