Grove of buckeye trees at Tesla Park -photo Mack Casterman

Grove of buckeye trees at Tesla Park -photo Mack Casterman

On July 15, 2013, EBCNPS submitted a letter in response to the alternatives that were presented by the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of State Parks for the future use of the Alameda/Tesla Parcel also known as Tesla Park.

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EBCNP’s letter adresses the need for adequate vegetation mapping before a general plan for this entire area that will determine future use of the land is created.  We also express concern that none of the three Concept Alternatives presented by OHMVR demonstrate optimization for protection of natural resources. We have asked State OHMVR to craft a new alternative that provides for optimal natural resource protection, especially in light of the diverse array of native habitat and rare plants known to be present on the site.

We will keep you updated on our ongoing work to gain permanent protection for this important area (part of our Corral Hollow BPPA).