Native Coastal Prairie Grassland at the Richmond Field Station  Photo: Richmond Bay Campus 2013 LRDP

Native Coastal Prairie Grassland at the Richmond Field Station. Photo: 2013 Richmond Bay Campus  LRDP

Last week, EBCNPS submitted a letter to the planners at LBNL and UC Berkeley regarding the Long Range Development Plan for the proposed “Richmond Bay Campus” that is to be built at the Richmond Field Station. Our letter was a collaborative process that several Conservation Committee members participated in. It details EBCNPS’s “vision” for the site and the development. The intent of this letter was to get a strong statement on the record of how this project should be built in order to ensure the rare natural resources of the site remain intact and thriving. We also note where the existing shortcomings of the plan are. We are hopeful that our comments will be considered as part of the planning process in order to create a plan for the Richmond Bay Campus that celebrates and protects the natural resources at the site.

EBCNPS is currently working on a more detailed letter that will specify the areas of highest native habitat value that must be protected.

Our letter can be viewed here: EBCNPS Vision Statement for Richmond Bay Campus_2013