Tri LInk Study Area and Potential Alignments. image:

TriLInk Study Area and General Road Alignments. image: Draft Feasibility Study

Since 2012, the Conservation Committee has been following and participating in a two year scoping study for a proposed roadway between Tracy and Brentwood. This roadway is being dubbed “TriLink” or State Route 239, and it is being considered due to a $14 million federal earmark grant to study the feasibility of such a project. As part of our participation as a member of the NGO stakeholders study group, EBCNPS has submitted comments regarding the rare and unique natural resources that could be impacted by the proposed roadway, and we have provided the planners with our BPPA files so that they may consider our BPPAs as planning proceeds for potential roadway alignments. The study area for this roadway includes sections of our Altamont and Byron BPPAs.

On September 12th, the Draft Feasibility Study was released for public review. You can view the Draft Feasibility Study HERE. EBCNPS reviewed the information presented and submitted a comment letter on November 1. Our letter notes specific species and communities in the study area that require avoidance in any construction plan, as well as the importance of considering regionally significant/locally rare plants during any pre-construction surveys and project design considerations. A copy of our letter can be found here: Final EBCNPS Comments for TriLink Feasibility Study 10_31_13.

EBCNPS plans to continue to follow this ongoing project and any updates will be posted here.