Doolan Canyon

Doolan Canyon -Photo credit: Scott Hein (

Doolan Canyon makes up a central portion of our East Dublin and Tassajara BPPA. It is recognized for priority protection due to its alkaline soils that run the entire length of the canyon’s valley bottom, and its vernal pools. The area is also designated critical habitat for the California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander. Currently, the canyon provides a natural buffer between Dublin and Livermore. Unfortunately, Dublin does not have an Urban Growth Boundary on its east side, leaving much of our Priority Protection Area at risk of development. In fact, a 2,000 unit development is proposed for Doolan Canyon right now. However, a group of Dublin residents has filed a notice of intent to circulate an initiative that would establish an urban growth boundary on the eastern edge of the city, thus protecting the canyon. It would also make the city’s western urban growth line permanent. You can read about the initiative here.

How You Can Help: Volunteer to collect signatures so an east side Urban Growth Boundary in Dublin can be voted on by the people. With 3,500 signatures the initiative will be added to the ballot and we can help to protect this habitat.

No prior experience is necessary to collect signatures. Training will be provided. The only requirement is that you be eligible to vote in California, that is: a California resident, U.S. citizen, and at least 18 years old. You do not need to live in Dublin.

You will be paired up with another volunteer for a two-hour shift in front of a grocery store or other high-foot-traffic area in Dublin. No door-to-door soliciting will be involved. All you have to do is ask shoppers as they enter or leave the store if they are Dublin registered voters and will sign the petition to qualify the initiative for the ballot. Collecting will occur on Saturdays and Sundays in Dublin throughout February and March.

Details: For more info or to volunteer contact Mack Casterman by email or (510) 734-0335