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On June 3rd, the Dublin City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Dublin Open Space Initiative! This initiative, created by Dublin Citizens with the help of local environmental organizations including EBCNPS, creates a permanent urban limit line at the City’s existing eastern edge and makes permanent a previously approved western urban limit line. The creation of this urban limit line removes one of the greatest threats to a large section of our East Dublin and Tassajara Botanical Priority Protection Area (BPPA) and is a major conservation victory for our chapter. You can learn more about our East Dublin and Tassajara BPPA at this link: BPPA Guidebook

Not only did the Council show its strong support for the will of Dublin Citizens to protect the remaining open-space and agricultural lands in their region, but it went a step further, unanimously taking a position to formally oppose a competitive initiative which would have allowed for development of approximately 2000 homes in Doolan Canyon (Part of our East Dublin and Tassajara BPPA).

A huge thanks goes out to the citizens of Dublin who volunteered their time to collect signatures and came out in force to voice their support at the City Council meeting. A big thanks also to the EBCNPS volunteers from throughout the region who donated time and expertise to this effort. We could not have done it without you! This win is the culmination of all of your hard work with support from the Sierra Club, Save Mount Diablo, Greenbelt Alliance, Tri-Valley Conservancy, Friends of the Vineyards, Ohlone Audubon Society, Alameda Creek Alliance, California Native Plant Society East Bay Chapter, and Center for Biological Diversity.

We are savoring this success, but our work is not over yet. The competing initiative, the so called “Let Dublin Decide Initiative” will still appear on the November ballot, and we are beginning our plans to counter their campaign this fall.

Our victory has been in the news. Check out the Mercury News story here:

Mercury News Story: Dublin adopts citizens’ initiative to create urban limit line on east side of town

On June 13th, the Independent recently published an editorial regarding this issue