Greetings, fellow native plant enthusiasts!

My name is Karen Whitestone, and I am the new Conservation Analyst for this East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (EBCNPS). I am taking over from the productive Mack Casterman. You may have already seen me around, delivering commentary at meetings or visiting our beautiful local open space in the East San Francisco Bay Area. As I get up to speed on worthy projects, please, introduce yourself.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. This blog will be one way you can keep in touch with EBCNPS on hot topics in local conservation. I encourage you to join me at public meetings, where land you and I care about is on the agenda.

Updates forthcoming: Meeting on Draft FEIR for Carnegie SVRA Tesla expansion (2/5/16), EBCNPS Conservation Committee meeting (2/17/16).

Are you in the East Bay, and heard of something happening now? I want to know!


Karen Whitestone

Conservation Analyst

East Bay California Native Plant Society

510 734 0335


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