Are you a Richmond registered voter? Please seek out a signature booth and confidently add your name to the list of those favoring preservation of the Richmond Hills! This open space near Wildcat Canyon and San Pablo Dam Road would remain open space if you sign this petition, shifting development pressure to areas already served by public transport and utilities. Long term protection would be afforded for this land, which could only be changed into the future by voters in Richmond. Read more about the initiative and its complete text here:

Through September 2016, the Save the Richmond Hills group will be canvassing neighborhoods and public gatherings, as well as tabling in front of markets throughout the city of Richmond. The California Native Plant Society, East Bay chapter, is a notable supporter printed on the initiative along with the San Francisco Bay chapter of the Sierra Club. The threshold for success of this initiative hovers around 6000 signatures. A translation to the Spanish is currently being processed. You can receive regular updates through their Facebook page, or even volunteer to petition for signatures! Volunteer efforts have won more than 80% of signatures needed. Let’s contribute to the final push.

Our chapter supports this initiative because a portion of this parcel overlaps with an area we qualify as having both potential and documented botanical richness, the Sobrante Ridge Botanical Priority Protection Area (BPPA map). Northern Maritime Chaparral is a sensitive natural community here. Rare and unique plant species include Pallid manzanita (Arctostaphylos pallida), Bent-flowered fiddleneck (Amsinckia lunaris), Western leatherwood (Dirca occidentalis), and Shreve’s oak (Quercus parvula var. shrevei) at it’s only location in the East Bay. These native plant resources may actually extend into this neighboring initiative area, and, at the very least, would be hugely affected by any nearby development and urbanization potentially occurring at the Richmond Hills Initiative Area.

Our chapter’s Conservation Committee and Board of Directors agree that the initiative presents robust reasoning to protect open space and wildlife in the Richmond Hills Initiative Area, as an amendment to the Richmond General Plan.

Karen Whitestone