A 935-unit mixed-use community is proposed for the former Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center.  EBCNPS generally supports redevelopment in urban areas, but commented at community meetings in early 2016 that this project fails to protect a large population of the rare and iconic Oakland star tulip (Calochortus umbellatus) and native needlegrass grassland on the site.

Please attend an upcoming public meeting to learn more on currently published Draft Supplemental EIR. Here is the Agenda (see item 3, pg 6), and Staff Report. Join EBCNPS and speak or submit comments to Oakland City Planning Commission:

6:00PM @ Wednesday, October 5, 2016

@ Council Chambers, City Hall, One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland


(Photo: Oakland star tulip, Calochortus umbellatus, CNPS rank 4.2, EBCNPS rank *A2)

Written comments due October 12, 2016 on the Draft Supplemental EIR. We currently reading this document and formulating our comments, but currently, our focus is on:

  • Opposition to proposed relocation of 732 Oakland star tulip bulbs to build houses (see CNPS policies, positions and guidelines, especially Mitigation Guidelines).
  • Opposition to proposed removal of thousands of mature trees. Although we are supportive of removing unhealthy or unsafe trees, and nonative trees in favor of native trees, and generally favor the City of Oakland Tree Preservation Ordinance, we are analyzing their removal and replanting plan for allowing for further protections.
  • Support of Rifle Range Creek restoration plan, especially with inclusion of native plants in landscaping plans.
  • Support removal of eucaluptus at Urban Wildland Interface between the proposed project and surrounding homes.
  • Recommend increased open space on the Oak Knoll itself, where construction of a large outdoor exhibit and extensive accessible trail system with associated parking spaces, are avoidable large scale impacts that should be reduced or reconsidered completely.
  • Recommend equipment hygiene standards for reducing spread of invasive weeds.

Please let us know if you would like to join our efforts. Keep an eye out for more updates throughout the month of October.

Karen Whitestone