East Bay Chapter’s homepage: EBCNPS (East Bay California Native Plant Society)

The Conservation Committee of the California Native Plant Society’s East Bay Chapter is dedicated to conserving and preserving the native plants, plant communities, and landscapes of Alameda and Contra Costa counties through conservation advocacy. The dedicated volunteers and staff of this committee help achieve conservation goals by increasing awareness about native plants, providing expert opinion on development projects during the public review period, and organizing information on rare and endemic plants for city, county, state, and federal agencies.

Our committee meets monthly and reviews important projects and identifies action steps through a consensus-based approach. We are looking for additional volunteers and interns on a regular basis.  Please contact Karen Whitestone at conservation@ebcnps.org with any questions.

In 2009, the East Bay Chapter’s Conservation Program received a Volunteer Recognition Award from the California Native Plant Society Chapter Council. The award recognizes the Program’s ongoing efforts to protect and restore native plants and their habitats in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

To learn about other chapter projects and activities, please visit the East Bay Chapter’s home page: EBCNPS. Thanks!

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