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On April 19, EBCNPS submitted comments for the Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Disposal and Reuse of the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach Detachment Concord (CNWS).

The Concord Naval Weapons Station is one of our chapter’s Botanical Priority Protection Areas due to its large expanse of valley grassland (which occupies most of the site) connecting an intact mosaic of saline bayland habitats with uplands that extend into the summits of Mt. Diablo. This crucial strip of land sits in one of the least developed “urban” watersheds that connects mountains to marshes.

The forthcoming EIS will consider three alternatives, one of them being The Concord Reuse Project Area Plan which received broad support from the Concord community and local environmental organizations and after a complete environmental review, was adopted by the City of Concord. This plan is described in “Alternative 1” of the NOI document. EBCNPS was very active in providing input and supporting the plan during its development and therefore is recommending “Alternative 1” of the forthcoming EIS be adopted so that the City of Concord can begin implementing it.

You can view EBCNPS’s comment letter here: EBCNPS Comments for 2013 CNWS EIS final

Fritillaria agrestis by John Game

Fritillaria agrestis by John Game

The East Bay Chapter of CNPS has been working on a publication that will help communicate the value of our local botanical resources to a greater general public.  This project, the Botanical Priority Protection Areas (or BPPA), outlines 15 of the most important landscapes in the East Bay that convey a “sense of place”.  Many of these areas will have development proposals in the next decade and we hope that our project will help communicate the importance of these areas.
There is a team of individuals that is helping make this project a success.  Please feel free to email Lech Naumovich ( with comments and suggestions on this project.  Thanks for your everyone’s generosity and support!!!

Here’s a sneak peak at a DRAFT layout of the 4 Valleys area near Antioch, CA.

DRAFT 4 Valleys BPPA publication

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