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Eelgrass -by Jude Stalker

Eelgrass -by Jude Stalker

EBCNPS prides itself on bringing science-based analysis to projects that have impact to native vegetation and habitats.  Often, the effect of our comments and educational efforts are difficult to identify.  On October 15th, the San Francisco Chronicle covered three projects in which EBCNPS has supported the local communities efforts to support, improve, or oppose a specific project.  We think this is good news, and we’re certain there’s even more to come.  Please continue to support our efforts with a small donation to the EBCNPS Conservation Analyst Fund (see information at bottom of this post) so that we can continue to employ one part-time staff to help coordinate the work of our community.

1. Editorial opposing the poorly planned Pt. Molate Casino:

A bad bet - SF Chronicle Editorial on Pt. Moalte Casino

A bad bet - SF Chronicle Editorial on Pt. Moalte Casino

2. Oak Grove development in Pleasanton:  “Voters in Pleasanton will have a chance to block a proposed 51-home hillside subdivision that preseervation groups have been battling since 1992, the state Supreme Court decided Wednesday.  The court denied review of an appeal that developers Jennifer and Frederick Lin filed after a lower court reinstated a referendum on the Oak Grove project.  The issue will go before the voters next year…”

3. Chabot-Dunsmuir Property Acquisition in one of EBCNPS’ Priority Plant Protection Areas: (This article appeared on the inside of the cover of the EBRPD’s Activity Guide–an insert that comes with the Chronicle).    “The East Bay Regional Park District Board has partnered with the City of Oakland to purchase the 64-acre Chabot-Dunsmuir property located on a prominent ridgeline in southeast Oakland.  This is the first acquisition using Measure WW funds…”

Conservation Analyst Appeal - Please consider supporting our program

Conservation Analyst Appeal - Please consider supporting our program - click on picture for a larger image

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