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Coastal wetlands near Russell City

The most recent activity on the proposed Russell City Energy Center (RCEC) has been Calpine’s attempt to secure the final permit that would allow it to proceed with construction of the power plant near the Hayward Regional Shoreline. EBCNPS has submitted comments on the PSD (Prevention of Significant Deterioration) permit criticizing the Statement of Basis used by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to attempt to grant the permit. We requested that modeling for nitrogen deposition to sensitive plant sites be undertaken. Our second letter critiqued the inputs to the model. Currently, BAAQMD plans to issue an addition to the Statement of Basis in late July to once again try to grant the permit. There has been significant opposition from grassroots organizations who are working with attorneys. Earthjustice has provided significant legal support. Please click here to see Letter 1, Letter 2.

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