Collaborations include submitted comment letters and reports from individuals and groups otherwise part of the entire Conservation Committee of California Native Plant Society’s East Bay Chapter (EBCNPS) and its proactive conservation efforts. Publications described below are proud EBCNPS achievements, but sometimes difficult to find published elsewhere, or are of high importance to guiding our conservation activities. For a more updated list, please visit the East Bay Chapter homepage.

EBCNPS provides letters to planning agencies and communicates with stakeholders regularly. To find specific letters and communications including “responses” to projects, plans, and processes we have been monitoring, you may explore links on this page, or type a keyword related to your project of interest into the “search all entries” widget to the left. This will bring up a list of all EBCNPS blog posts and updates regarding the project including links to submitted letters. To view all updates in chronological order, please visit the conservation blog homepage.

Conservation Committee Reports & Collaborations:

2016: Advocacy for EBRPD Pallid Manzanita Preservation Plan

May 2016: Point Pinole Visitor Center;

April 2016: Support for Richmond Hills Initiative Area;

February 2016: CDFW & Knowland Park Formal Complaints;


Publications by East Bay Chapter:

The 2009 “Green” Paper on East Bay Hills fuels management describes a collaboration between EBCNPS, San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Golden Gate Audobon Society, documenting our joint perspective on managing urban wildland interface in order to enhance preservation of habitat for native plants and wildlife.

The 2012 Guidebook to the Botanical Priority Protection Areas of the East Bay describes 15 protection areas (BPPAs) within Alameda and Contra Costa Counties with documentation or excellent probability for containing value botanical resources that should be protected. Access a beautiful interactive map, or download a .pdf version of the complete book.