Reports from the Conservation Analyst include comment letters and information about East Bay California Native Plant Society’s (EBCNPS) recent proactive conservation efforts.

East Bay CNPS provides letters to planning agencies and communicates with project stakeholders regularly. On this page, you will find a selection of specific letters and communications regarding our chapter’s responses to projects, plans, and processes we have been monitoring throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Most documents here are comment letters officially submitted as part of the formal environmental review process defined by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for proposed development projects, and so they are also found in public records for those projects. Additionally, our members attend public meetings and deliver verbal comments.

Our goal? To improve conservation outcomes for native plants and natural communities, of course! Are you interested in participating in our East Bay Chapter’s Conservation Committee? Email us learn more about our conservation activities located near you. We meet approximately once per month. Please join us!

Conservation Committee Chairperson, East Bay:

Conservation Analyst, East Bay:

Visit our conservation blog homepage, or read our Bay Leaf monthly chapter newsletter archive located here and here for more reports about our progress over the years.*

Also, visit the California Native Plant Society website located here.


2018 Conservation Analyst Reports

April 2018: upcoming

March 2018: Draft Supplemental EIR for IKEA Retail CenterDraft EIR for Isabel Neighborhood Plan

February 2018: ongoing projects

January 2018: Supplemental MND/ IS for Zeiss Innovation Center


2017 Conservation Analyst Reports

December 2017: ongoing projects

November 2017: Comments to Oakland City Council on Oak Knoll Community

October 2017: Draft EIR on BART to Livermore Extension

September 2017: ongoing projects

August 2017: Draft EIR on ACEforward

July 2017: Notices of Preparation for EIRs for LUP/ LUPAs for East Bay Regional Park District Regional Preserves such as Black Diamond Mines, Sibley Volcanic, Concord Hills, and Miller Knox;

June 2017: Final Supplemental EIR on Oak Knoll Community; PG&E Draft Habitat Conservation Plan; Notice of Preparation of a Draft EIR on Dublin Blvd- North Canyons Parkway Extension

May 2017: Conservation Analyst presentation at Friendraiser; Example letter to Senator regarding SB 249

April 2017: SB 249 Action Alert; Notice of Preparation of a Draft EIR for Pittsburg Faria/ Southwest Hills Annexation;

March 2017: Cowell Ranch Tentative Subdivision; Recirculated Draft EIR/ EA for Alameda Creek Bridge Replacement

February 2017: Antioch Public Forum on Sand Creek Focus AreaAntioch Planning Commission General Plan/ Downtown Specific Plan Updates

January 2017:   SFPUC Draft EIR on Alameda Creek Recapture Project; Support for Richmond Hills Initiative Area, and North Shoreline as Open SpaceDraft Pallid Manzanita Management Plan

2016 Conservation Analyst Reports

December 2016: Conservation Analyst presentation to CNPS Chapter Council

November 2016:  Recirculated Draft EIR for the Tassajara Parks Project;

October 2016: Carnegie SVRA General Plan/ Final EIROak Knoll Draft Supplemental EIR

September 2016: EBMUD Draft Watershed Master Plan; Antioch Vineyard Self Storage/ Delta Courtyard; Antioch Sand Creek Focus Area

August 2016: CCC LAFCO AOSPP supplement; Mountain View Cemetery Draft EIR;

July 2016: Contra Costa County LAFCO AOSPP; Tassajara Parks Draft EIR;

June 2016: Letter to Assembly Member Baker

May 2016: CalFire Vegetation Plan; Isabel Neighborhood Plan Scoping;

April 2016: ongoing projects

March 2016: EBRPD Vegetation Policies

February 2016: Carnegie SVRA General Plan/ Draft EIR


Archived Conservation Analyst Reports:

2013 Reports: March 2013February 2013

2012 Reports: Conservation Year in Review, 2012December 2012November 2012September 2012July 2012May 2012March 2012February 2012January 2012

2011 Reports: December 2011November 2011October 2011September 2011June 2011

2009 Reports: August 2009

*Please note, this page is not comprehensive and not updated regularly, last updated March 29, 2018, by Conservation Analyst. The Bay Leaf newsletter is published monthly.